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YouTube preload videos to watch later in Android

When the internet connection is poor or if you have low signal strength, we will have tough time to load YouTube videos seamlessly.Most of the times it would be stuck up at buffering or loading action and will be struggling to find the bandwidth to load the videos.If you are on Android then you can enable Youtube preload videos  setting which preloads the videos when you are in WiFi  connections.When the device switches to WiFi connection all the videos in the playlist are preloaded to your device. You can create a Play list and add all the videos that you would like to watch them on the go with either limited internet connection or slower networks.Those videos will be preloaded when you are on WiFi network and will have a green icon next to them indicating they have been preloaded.To enable this setting in your Android device watch the below steps

1. Open YouTube app

2. Click on the Menu icon in your phone(located at the bottom left next to home icon in the centre) and Select Settings


3.  In the Settings Menu Click Preloading


4.  In Preloading Options check both Preload Subscriptions and Preload watch later. This will enable all the videos that you add to Play list and Watch Later list to be pre loaded when you are on wi-fi network so that these can be viewed on the go on slower networks.


5.  Now to add videos to watch later list select any video and tap on the player window and notice a + sign on top of the player. Tap on + sign and Select Add to Watch Later



6.  Next to the video there will be a down arrow icon indicating it is being downloaded for watch later. Once the video has been downloaded a green down arrow will be present next to the video.




The preloading function will work only when the device is in charging and in WiFi network.To play these preloaded videos we still need to be on a network with a low signal strength. Let us know your feedback about this cool feature of YouTube in android app and also tip us  other cool features you are aware in YouTube.


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