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How to do wifi speed test to check your wifi performance

Most of us today have wifi enabled at home and we have multiple devices that gets connected to wifi router. With advanced wifi routers available in the market we get similar kind of internet speed that we get in wired networks. When you feel that your wifi is not performing upto the mark it is time to do wifi speed test and identify the bottleneck. Bottleneck can be in your wifi network or the ISP provider itself who is not giving the promised bandwidth due to which we don’t see the required speed in the network.We can identify the bottlenecks using wifi speed test online tools and offline tools and  bandwidth test of your ISP can be done using internet speed test tools available online. Let us first look at steps on to check what is your current speed of wifi

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 Wifi Speed Test in simple steps

If you are in windows OS then you will notice a icon similar to this wifi-speed-test on your Desktop Tray . Right click on that icon and click Open Network and Sharing Center


You will now see various network connections available and identify the Wireless network connection and click on the Wireless network connection.


You will get Wireless Network connection status window which will display your current speed of wifi  network. In the below window you will notice a label called as Speed which will give you the speed of wifi network.


After the wifi speed test if you feel that you don’t see this speed in action then there can be many reasons for the slow down. Check the Signal quality, it is possible that you can be  very far from your wireless router.The other reason for slow down can be interference with other wifi routers available near by. Wifi router speed can be affected when you have other wifi routers operating in the same Channel. You can download a free tool called Vistumbler to analyze wifi router speed test and the Channels being used by other wifi networks near by you.

Change the Wifi Channel to improve speed of Wifi

Whenever you do wifi speed test you need to first check the Channel since interference from other wifi networks can really bring down performance of your network. For wifi  networks we can use Channel 1,6,11. After downloading the Vistumbler tool install it and open the tool and click Scan APs. You will now see all the other routers available near by you and you can also check the Channel in which they are operating. If you notice that your router Channel is same as other routers then you can change it to other channel. Notice you can only use 1,6,11 so change between these three channels. You can change the channel of your router by logging in to admin interface of your router.


 Perform Internet speed test to identify bottleneck on Internet Service Provider(ISP) side

If everything looks fine in wifi Speed test we have done so far then the next area that we need to explore is to check the speed of internet connection that we are getting from Internet Service provider. You can do internet speed test using various online tools. Speedtest.net is one of the most widely used online tool to check the speed of internet connection. To check your internet speed read Online Internet Speed test. If you notice the speed is lower than what has been promised by your ISP then you can contact them to rectify the issue.

Using these simple steps and wifi speed test free to0ls you will be able to analyze the performance of your wifi network and rectify any issues and improve the performance to get better wifi speed. What are you waiting for? Check your wifi Speed and improve it and also let me know in comments on how you improved your performance of your wifi.


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