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Twitter shortcut keys for web interface

We have been used to shortcut keys in majority of the applications we work as it helps to get our tasks done in easier and simple manner. Twitter has some powerful shortcut keys for web interface.To use Twitter efficiently and in a faster manner master these Twitter shortcut keys.The short cut makes our job easy by reducing the mouse clicks to send a tweet or to perform available actions within the twitter app in web interface. After logging into twitter press ? key to list all the shortcut keys available .The shortcut keys are grouped into three major categories as Actions,Navigation and Timelines.


1. To compose a new Tweet from any screen Press n Key

2. If you like a Tweet and want to Favorite it Press f Key

3.  To reply to a tweet select the tweet and Press r Key

4. To retweet select the tweet and click Press t Key. Popup will be displayed with the tweet message along with retweet button and cancel

5. To send direct message to any of your twitter followers  Press m key. Direct message popup will appear enter the twitter handle and type the message and click send message.


6. To load new tweets and to refresh the timeline with new tweets from your followers Press . Key

7. In the timeline to navigate to next tweet in the timeline list  Press j Key

8. In the timeline to navigate to previous tweet in the timeline list  Press k Key

9. To scroll down the timeline Press Space bar Key

10. To view all short cut keys available Press ? Key


11 To Navigate back to home screen from any screen Press  g h key.

12. To view list of interactions and their actions Press g c Key.

13. To view the activity of the people you follow Press g a Key.

14. To view all the tweets mentioned in which you have been listed  Press g r Key.

15. To go to Discover Timeline stream Press g d Key.

16. To go to your Profile page Press g p Key.

17. To View all the Favorite tweets Press g f Key.

18. To View all the Lists subscribed to Press g l Key.

19. To view all direct messages and send new message Press g m Key.

20. To go to Settings page Press g s Key.

21. To view a user profile Press g u Key and in popup enter the twitter handle to jump to their profile.

The below snapshot lists all the short cut keys available which can viewed by pressing ? key.



If you are currently using these short cut key’s let us know the most frequent short cut keys that you use.Also add in comments if there are any other short cut keys available for Twitter


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