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Track trains running status live using national train enquiry system

We would never want to be in station and hear about the news of late  departure of your train’s or if you are at the station to pick up some of your relatives and hear about the delay of arrival.To avoid such issues for passengers and others CRIS – Center for Railways Information Systems – The IT Wing of Indian railways have developed a system to track trains. National Train enquiry system(NTES) track trains and disseminates their running status live. The system can be accessed from web or mobile using any web browser by visiting the following URL’s


The landing page is a captcha page where the system makes sure the applications is being used by a human and not a robot. The captcha could have been user friendly and they could have used  captcha’s  similar  like Google Re Captcha. Once you pass the captcha stage you will land in the main page of NTES.



The portal has the following features

  • Spot any train and its current running status and the latest station  it has passed
  • For any given station find all arrival and departure  trains within a specified duration
  • Find the list of trains and their schedule running between any given two stations.
  • List of Trains Cancelled,Rescheduled,Diverted and Special Trains
  • Check the latest status of PNR number.

To Spot any train live click the tab Spot your train and enter the train name or train number and select the train from the list which displays the scheduled arrival and departure from each station it passes by.



Click on All Running Instances button to check  the live running status of the train and the time it passed the recent station is reported.




To view on the complete live schedule arrival/departure of the train double click on the  box area as highlighted in above snapshot which will give the detail information on its arrival/departure at each station and whether the train is running late or on time, if it is running late the delay time is also reported which will give up to date information on the train status and will help the passengers/users to make informed decisions.


To find all trains arriving or departing from a given station within a specified time interval click on Station tab and enter the station name and select the time limit and click Go. This will list all the trains that departs or arrives to that station within the time limit specified.





To view all the trains and their schedule and the days of running between two stations click on Train Between stations tab and enter the From station and To station details and click Go.



The portal is very user friendly and the load time for all queries are very fast. This portal will benefit millions of passengers using our rail network to travel between locations and this is just a beginning in the right direction and the portal can be enriched more with additional features such as map display etc. Please let us know in comments section the features that you think should be added to this system.


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