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Track your lost android phone using phone finder feature

Mobile phones have very much become integral part of our life and we store all kind of sensitive data in our mobiles. We use our mobiles for banking needs,online shopping , browse various of our social accounts. Since we use our phone to do financial transactions and other secure transactions it is very important that we protect our phones from online theft, phishing activities by installing any paid or free anti virus applications. But what will happen to all the secure data stored in your phone if you physically lose the phone and the data gets stolen!!.It puts a huge risk for all the data we have stored in our phones. If you are having a Android phone then you can safeguard yourself in such situation by using the phone finder feature. Phone finder feature needs to be enabled and when enabled phone finder function will allow to locate your mobile from web and you can either lock the phone or erase the data present in the phone remotely.

The first thing that we should do when we loose our phone is to report to law enforcement and also block your phone number by reporting to your Cellular service provider. The next step is to login to the Google android Device manager if you have enabled phone finder feature in your android mobile and check it’s last traced location and erase the data remotely.Let us now see how to enable phone finder feature in your android mobile. Follow the below guide to activate phone finder feature in your android device.

1.  Click on Setting icon in your android device and scroll down to locate Security and click on Security


  2. Scroll down to locate Device Administrators and click on Device Administrators


 3.  Click on Android Device Manager


 4.  Click Activate


 Now you are all set to track your device remotely. To track the device remotely login to Android Device Manager using any web browser and you will be prompted to allow Android Device Manager to use your location data.Click Allow. Android Device manager will show the location of phone in the map if it can be reached.From Android Device Manager we have three major functions


  • Ring – If you click on this feature this will ring your phone continuously for 5 minutes even if your cell phone is set to Silent or Vibration mode. This function can be very handy if you have misplaced the cell phone at your place and you are not able to locate, you can use this ring feature to locate the phone.
  • Lock – You can lock the phone remotely so that your data is secure and is not misused. Click Lock and enter your password twice to lock your phone remotely
  • Erase  – This function will do factory reset and will erase all your apps,photos,music present in the phone. This does not erase data present in  External SD.

Have you enabled this feature in your android mobile? If not do it today and also let us know other security features that you have enabled to protect your mobile and data stored in your phones.


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