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Tips to improve Youtube video quality [Infographic]

YouTube has become integral part of us,To relax and spend time we hit YouTube to watch some funny videos, To learn some new stuff we hit YouTube and watch some tutorials. We are now in a position where we cannot imagine a world without YouTube. There are many videos which are available in really high resolution.Don’t we go really wild when we see the buffering part when we are watching some interesting YouTube videos. You will notice buffering when your internet connection does not get enough bandwidth to play the video. Youtube video quality can go down for many reasons, You would have started downloading files, or your machine is loaded with many processes due to which the machine’s performance has been degraded, or your ISP’s performance is really poor. Check how to measure the speed of your internet here. If you are in US Google has released a Google Video Quality Report tool to see the level of video quality your Internet service provider can play YouTube videos. Google also has released a infographics with tips on how to improve YouTube video quality without buffering.

Tips to get better YouTube video quality


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Google Video reporting tool will report how your videos will perform based on your ISP performance. If ths ISP performance is poor it will report the same and also will report the performance of nearby ISP. Check out this YouTube video on Google video reporting tool. Note this service is available only in USA and currently not available for other regions.


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