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How to take screenshot in iPad or iPhone

When we work on iPad or iPhone at some instances we would need to take screenshot and send to others for some reference  so that they understand what we are referring to.To take screenshot in iPad or iPhone is very simple and can be done just by click of two buttons.You will use Home button which is a centered button located at the bottom of the iPad/iPhone and the Sleep/Wake button which is located on top right which is used to On/Off iPad/iPhone or to Sleep/Wake iPad/iPhone.



To take screenshot all you need to do is first hold on the Sleep/Wake button located at top right and then click on Home button and release it. Don’t hold the Sleep/Wake button for too long as it might ask to turn off the iPad/iPhone. If the snapshot has been taken successfully you will hear camera shutter sound if it is enabled along with a flash of white screen which indicates the screenshot has been captured successfully. To verify and check the image  go to Camera Roll and check if you can view the image. After verifying the image can be shared with friends or others  via email or through other sharing platforms


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