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How to create restore point in windows 7

In this how to guide I will show you how to create restore point in windows 7 which will come very handy when you have system issues. If  you are using Windows operating system you need to ensure that you have proper backup’s to help yourself  if something goes wrong in PC, where you can restore your system back to its normal …

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How to display file extensions in Windows 7

By default when we  view the files in Windows explorer using Windows 7 operating system the extensions are not shown and in case if  we need to find extension type of the file whether it is a png or JPEG it is not possible just by viewing the file in explorer or if we need to change file extension then …

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How to Burn DVD or CD in Windows 7

If you are on Windows 7 or above then we do not need any third party tools to burn DVD or CD in windows 7. We can easily burn DVD or CD in Windows 7 using the native steps. To start the burning process place a blank DVD or CD in the read/write drive in the PC/Laptop and follow the …

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Hide Folders and Files in Windows

Do you have any protected data or sensitive data present in your system which you don’t want any one to access.It is simple to hide folders and files in Windows. There are many various tools available to hide folders and files. Windmend Folder Hidden is a free utility tool which can hide folders and files in Windows. The data is safely …

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RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tools

If you want to RIP DVD or Bluray Discs to MP4 or to any other format and store it in a hard disk there are many third party paid tools available.Handbrake is a free and open source RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tool which has very powerful functions to extract the video from DVD or Bluray Discand convert to …

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Remove personal information from pictures in Windows

When you take a photograph apart from the photo there is whole lot of your personal information that gets attached to the photo.The details that are present in  the photo are when the photo was taken, where the photo was taken(coordinates(Latitude and Longitude of the place)),how the photo was taken(Camera details and exposure details).In a nutshell  lot of sensitive information …

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