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How secure is my password – Guide to set strong passwords

When you set password for any application or any system you should first ask How secure is my password? Can your password be guessed and cracked by brute force easily? Hacking is one of most thriving areas where password hackers use various techniques to randomly predict your passwords using various permutations and combinations. We have seen in the recent past …

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Track your lost android phone using phone finder feature

Mobile phones have very much become integral part of our life and we store all kind of sensitive data in our mobiles. We use our mobiles for banking needs,online shopping , browse various of our social accounts. Since we use our phone to do financial transactions and other secure transactions it is very important that we protect our phones from …

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How to enable two factor Authentication in your Google account

Two factor authentication is a security process introduced to enable higher security for various online accounts and networks.In first level authentication users are required to provide information like username/password which is first validated and in second level of authentication users need to enter a PIN or a code that will be messaged to you via SMS or through a telephone …

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How to use Do Not Track feature in Google Chrome

Do Not Track is a technology proposal launched to help users to opt out from tracking done by websites. Initially this feature was launched by Mozilla browser and later followed by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other leading browsers. If this feature is enabled then  as part of request header the information is sent to websites stating that the user …

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Free password safe tool to store passwords

In our day to day life we have to deal with multiple accounts from banking accounts to various other website accounts and it is becoming difficult to remember the account details.Password Safe Tool is a free password safe tool which helps to store various account details and its password safely. This is a desktop tool and will work only in …

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