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How to display file extensions in Windows 7

By default when we  view the files in Windows explorer using Windows 7 operating system the extensions are not shown and in case if  we need to find extension type of the file whether it is a png or JPEG it is not possible just by viewing the file in explorer or if we need to change file extension then …

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Hide Folders and Files in Windows

Do you have any protected data or sensitive data present in your system which you don’t want any one to access.It is simple to hide folders and files in Windows. There are many various tools available to hide folders and files. Windmend Folder Hidden is a free utility tool which can hide folders and files in Windows. The data is safely …

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Remove hidden data and personal information in Microsoft Office 2013 or 2010

When documents are created in Microsoft Office 2013 or 2010  they store hidden data and other personal information internally in the documents. Personal data such as who created the document,organization name,document creation date,last edited date, absolute path of the document etc are stored. When  creating documents that will be shared with clients or to others it is important to make …

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Change Windows 7 product key

Did you purchase a Computer/Laptop with a pirated Windows 7 copy or with activated windows copy and want to change Windows 7 product key with a valid product key.You can either install the Operating System fresh with the new key or you can use the current operating system but just change the key with legal and valid key. Follow the below …

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