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Create QR codes for free


QR code called as Quick responsive code is a two dimensional barcode which is currently embraced and used in various industries. They can pack whole lot of data in it and can be read by just a simple scan. The availability of QR Scanning apps in various mobile platforms has made the QR code widely accepted by various industries.Initially used …

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Create photo slideshow video using Youtube


In Windows we normally use Windows movie maker or a third party tool to create a video containing photo slideshow. We can also create such videos easily using Youtube. To create photo slideshow in Youtube you need to sign in to Youtube using your google account and then click Upload   You will see a Photo Slideshow option with Create …

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Play Youtube videos from a specific time interval


When you link Youtube videos in your blog posts or in your websites did you ever wanted the video to play from a specific time interval?. There are multiple ways to  play Youtube videos from a specific time interval instead of playing it from start. 1. Play the Youtube video.Inside the player right click and in context menu you will …

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Find free images for websites and blogs


We are always on lookout for various kind of images which can be used websites and blogs.When we take from other sources we need to be sure if it can be used legally and safely on our own web sites. Google Image Search has a function using which we can find free images for commercial and non commercial purpose To …

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Seven new domains launched

Url address

Most of us know internet by .com extension. Things are set to change and seven new generic top level domains will be introduced from January 29 2014. New set of domains that will be released are  .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, and .ventures. Bike Manufacturing and Selling companies now have the option to have thier branded website to end with …

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Access all cloud storage services using single interface


Cloud Storage is getting hot day after day and we see multiple new services coming out, the leaders being dropbox,BOX,Google Drive,Sky Drive,Sugar Sync. When we have multiple accounts with multiple services accessibility becomes an issue.Jolidrive service from Jolicloud solves this problem.Jolidrive unifies all your cloud storage content from multiple services in one simple and beautiful interface accessible from anywhere. Visit http://www.jolicloud.com/ and …

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Download Youtube Videos


Did you like any video in Youtube and wanted to  download to your system?. KeepVid.com has made the download youtube videos function so easy.To Donwload youtube Videos all you need to do is get the Youtube URL of the video which you are interested to download. The URL of any video will be similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHLnZMjJ8bY and can be seen …

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Split expenses with friends


Are you planning a group trip with your friends where the expenses will be shared between friends and each inidvidual want to keep a track of what they are spending so that finally they can  split expenses with friends and accounts can be settled correctly. Mostly we deal with Excel sheets or scribble in paper to track the expenses and …

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Check speed of Internet connection

check-speed of internet-connection

After getting your new internet connection we need to verify  if we are getting the upload and download speeds as promised. There are many online tools and websites which can  be used to check speed of internet connection. When you start such a test make sure you close all other applications so that they donot add additional stress while the …

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