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Check your income tax refund status online

Most of us do proper calculation and submit all our investment details to our employers to ensure they deduct right amount of TDS (Tax deducted at Source).  Inspite of that at the last moment we find that we have paid more tax to the Government and we keep waiting for the government  to process our income tax refund. If you …

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How to register a company in India (Private Limited Companies)

We see many youngsters taking the Entrepreneurial route and not only that many NRI’s are returning back to India with aim to start their own company. In this how to guide I am going to detail on how to register a company in India and share information on how to start a private limited company in India. As per the …

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Provide access to your Gmail Account and setup Gmail Delegation

Are you too busy to check your gmail and respond to mails you receive and want some one else to respond on your behalf without logging into your gmail account? Gmail Delegation feature is available using which your primary account can be accessed by the other user(Delegated user) who will have access to your inbox and can read and send …

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