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RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tools

If you want to RIP DVD or Bluray Discs to MP4 or to any other format and store it in a hard disk there are many third party paid tools available.Handbrake is a free and open source RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tool which has very powerful functions to extract the video from DVD or Bluray Discand convert to MP4. The tool can be Downloaded at http://handbrake.fr/

HandBrake can extract video from multiple input sources and then be able to convert to digital file in a variety of formats, including MP4, MPEG-4,  MKV etc .The tool has various video transcoding functions where the video can be converted and optimized to a specific hardware like iPod, iPad,iPhone,Android,Apple TV etc.


Handbrake has options to extract specific chapters and also comes with other advanced options.For basic users it is best advised to use the default options.The tool is available for various platforms like Windows,Linux and Mac OS. Download the tool and let us know if you find this software useful for your needs.


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