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Provide access to your Gmail Account and setup Gmail Delegation

Are you too busy to check your gmail and respond to mails you receive and want some one else to respond on your behalf without logging into your gmail account? Gmail Delegation feature is available using which your primary account can be accessed by the other user(Delegated user) who will have access to your inbox and can read and send emails.The Delegated user will have access only to your emails and will not be able to change any of your settings or do any hangouts or chats on your behalf.

When the delegated user sends an email from your inbox the receiver will receive the email as Your Name (sent by Delegate). When you setup a delegate account both your account and delegate account will be verified and after verification this feature will be available . To enable Delegation to your account follow the below steps

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. On top right hand side click on gmail-delegation-1 and choose gmail-delegation-2
  3. Click on Accounts


  1.  Next to Grant access to your account you will see a link to Add another account. Click Add another accountgmail-delegation-4
  2. In the Popup enter the gmail account of the person to whom your account needs to be delegated and click Next Step button and in the next confirmation screen click Send email to grant access button which will send an confirmation mail to the delegate and after his/her acceptance the delegate will be able to access your gmail inbox from their account





Once the Delegate accepts the request it may take around 30 minutes for the verification process to over and after verification the delegate can access your inbox and read and send emails on your behalf. At any point if you want to revoke access gmail-delegation-8

Have you used this feature and let us know the situations you will delegate or have delegated your email account to others in comments section.


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