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Private browsing using Google Chrome

Private browsing is a feature which is available in majority of the browsers. We will need this feature when we do not want to leave a trace of our browsing history,cookies etc. This feature will  be handy when you access the internet from other computers or when you surf internet from internet browsing centers.

Google Chrome has incognito mode using which private browsing or safe browsing is done. When the browser is opened in incognito mode the browser does not record the following

  • Webpages visited and navigated
  • Cookies stored during incognito mode are deleted when incognito mode is closed

To start a private browsing session in Chrome click the private-browsing-chrome-menu and select New incognito Window or press Ctrl+Shift+N keys combination


This will open a new Chrome window and all internet activity from this window is not recorded and the cookies stored will be deleted when this window is exited. To end the private browsing session close all the windows which are in incognito mode.



Private browsing only allows the browser not to record your activities but there might be other loggers or trackers or malwares in the system which will still keep a track of your activity. If you have used this feature in comments section let us know the situations that you have used thie feature.


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