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How to do Private browsing in Mozilla Firefox browser

When we browse internet using browsers with default settings we leave the foot prints of the pages we visited.The foot print captured involves page details, form entries,search keywords and strings used, cookies, passwords etc.. When you are browsing on PC/Laptop that is just being used yourself leaving the foot print does not matter much, but if the computer is shared with others then there is high chance the foot print you leave in browser history is viewed by other users of the computer.If your computer is being shared with other users it is advisable to browse using private mode in browsers.

When users open browsers in private mode the pages visited are not tracked, Form and search entries made are not stored, passwords entered during private browsing mode are not stored.Majority of the browsers have the private mode. Mozilla Firefox has Private browsing mode and to use private browsing in Mozilla Firefox browser follow the below steps

1. Launch Mozilla FireFox browser and on Top left click on Firefox menu private-mode-firefox-1

2. From the menu Select New Private Window option


3. This will open a new window and in this window the browser does not track the pages you visit , does not keep track of form entries you make , does not store any passwords, does not track your search history,does not keep track of files you download, does not store any cookies or temporary internet files.



4. You can also open private browsing mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P Key.

If you work on shared computers browse in private mode so that other users do not get to know what you were browsing.If you are using Google Chrome browser follow the steps listed here to use private browsing mode.


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