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How to make YouTube Kids safe

YouTube has really become part of  every kid where parent’s use this medium to show useful videos to enrich their kids skills. Today  kids spend most of their time in YouTube  videos by watching various cartoon videos,super hero videos etc. and there is high chance that they can land up with inappropriate content not suitable for their age. YouTube  has really informative videos which can enrich the kid’s skill but at the same time has lot of content which should not be viewed by kids. It is important for parent’s to ensure that their kid’s are surfing the right content in YouTube. To make YouTube Kids safe Google has provided with Safety mode option which is not enabled by default

This option must be enabled by all parent’s if your kid spends lot of  time on browsing videos using YouTube. This filter when  enabled does not show any flagged content which is not suitable for kids. This filter uses information provided  by community flagging , age restrictions set while publishing videos to identify the videos which are not suitable for kids.Since this is community driven this filter is not 100% accurate but can save your kids most of the times.Safety mode is enabled at browser level and hence this setting needs to be enabled in all browsers present in your system. Once Safety mode is enabled,  the setting will be active irrespective of  whether you are logged in or not, or if another person is logged into a different YouTube account.When this setting is enabled Google Safe Search is also enabled. To enable the Safety Mode in YouTube follow the below steps

  1. Login to YouTube account and scroll down to the bottom of the Page


  1. Click on Safety Off Drop Down menu and the option to enable it will be shown beneath


  1. Select the On option and Click Save which enables the Saftey mode and locks this setting for this browser.


You need to repeat the above steps in all the browsers you have in your system. Enable this setting to to make YouTube Kids safe.

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