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Kindle app for android devices

Kindle is the invention from Amazon which changed the way  eBooks were handled. This device  gave the reader the feel as if they were holding the book in their hand and turn the pages one after another. The device revolutionized the eBook space by providing an innovative reading experience for electronic content. Amazon has released Kindle app for various platforms to have a wider reach so that those without Kindle devices also can get access to Kindle content. Kindle app for android was a welcome move for all the android users as it enabled them to get hand hold of eBooks through Amazon Store. Amazon  store is the market place for Kindle content and has books,newspapers,magazines, free books. You need to a have amazon account to access the Amazon store. You can register a free amazon account here. Using the Kindle app for android you will be able to access all the content available through Amazon store .In this Kindle app for android review I will detail the various features available in this app.


Kindle app for android enabled  mobile phones and tablets

Amazon has ensured wider reach by releasing its Kindle app for android enabled mobile phones and tablets. Apart from Android Kindle app is also available for iOS,Windows and other leading mobile platforms.The app is available for android enabled smartphone  and tablet completely free and can be downloaded  from Google Play store. The app works seamlessly in any device compatible with android. Visit the Google play store and download the app and get it installed. After installation open the Kindle app and you will see the below screen.


 App Review and Features

Click on Start reading which will take you to the Login screen of Kindle app. If you already have an amazon account you can provide the email address and password of your amazon account and click Sign in. If you don’t have an amazon account click create account and provide the details requested and click Create your Amazon account.

kindle-app-for-android-2  kindle-app-for-android-3

After you have logged in if you already have purchased any eBooks through amazon store they will be available and listed in your home screen. In the immediate screen after you login Click ok to get to your home screen.

kindle-app-for-android-4  kindle-app-for-android-5

If you have not made any purchases or want to download free kindle books then click on the cart symbol located on top right hand side which will take you to Amazon store. The store  has more than 2 million titles. You can browse various content available and purchase them. You can also search for free content from amazon store by clicking on Free popular classics which will list the free books available on Amazon store.

kindle-app-for-android-6  kindle-app-for-android-7

Browse the title you are interested and click on the title. In the next screen the price of the book will be displayed and if it is a free book 0.00 will be displayed. Click on Pay in Rupees now, if the book is a free book nothing will be charged to your credit card. After you have made the purchase click on Read it now which will  start downloading the book. Once the download has been completed you can start reading the book . To navigate pages you can swipe right and left which will give you a real book reading experience.

kindle-app-for-android-8  kindle-app-for-android-9

kindle-app-for-android-10  kindle-app-for-android-11

The books that you purchase in your amazon account will be available across all your devices that supports Kindle app. If you login to Kindle app in iOS,Desktop or Tablet using the same amazon account the books purchased will be available thus enabling your content availability in all the places.

Over to You

Kindle app for android is a must in every android based smartphone and tablet device. If you already have the app then share us your views on the app. Do you think your reading experience has improved by using this app? If you are currently not using this app then download it now and share your feedback and make this review helpful for other readers by providing your valuable comments. Looking forward to interact with you in comments section.


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