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iPhone with Flappy bird game available in eBay for Whopping price tag

The last few days social media was filled with news of Flappy bird game being pulled down by its developer from Apple and Google App Stores. Today the developer has finally pulled the plug on the Flappy bird which was on Top charts in free games in both the stores. If you are one of the addicted user and want to get back the app in a iPhone then be ready to pay a whopping price tag. Search in eBay for  iPhone 5s Flappy bird and you will get more than 1447 entries and the highest price for the listing was $99,989.99 , the listing had 0 bidders and 31 watchers.It will be interesting to see if any of the watchers really make a bid to buy the game and the iPhone at this whopping price tag.




There were no bids available for the listings with price tag ranging from $99,998.99 to $7500 and for a listing with $7100 there were 14 bids




It will be interesting to see at what price tag it really gets sold. This  shows how users are really missing the Flappy Bird game and I am still thinking what made the developer pull down the plug when he was sitting on a cash cow. Are you a fan of this game? Share your experiences on this game and if you had uninstalled are you hunting to get it back through other means.


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