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How to Unsubscribe from a Mailing list or Newletter using Gmail unsubscribe feature

Most of us would have subscribed to various newsletters ,forums and mailing lists and at some point we never read those emails and would be looking options to unsubscribe from those email groups. To unsubscribe from those lists we either go to the website where the subscription was started and look out for unsubscribe feature or send an email to a specific email to unsubscribe.Now we can unsubscribe to these lists within Gmail itself using Gmail unsubscribe feature.Follow the below steps to Unsubscribe from any mailing list from within your gmail account.

1. Login to Gmail and open any email message from the list which you want to unsubscribe

2. Next to the sender email click on the small arrow gmail-unsubscribe-1which reads as Show details

3. The Header details of the message will be displayed and in the window at the bottom there will be a link unsubscribe from this mailing list


4. Click Unsubscribe from this mailing list link and in the confirmation window click Unsubscribe


5.  The following message will be displayed gmail-unsubscribe-4 and you will get an confirmation email from the mailing group from which you unsubscribed. This options will be visible only if the header contains  a “List-Unsubscribe:” header that specifies an email address used to unsubscribe. For email which does not have this header we have to follow other means by visiting their website or sending an email to unsubscribe from the list

This is a very nice feature introduced by Google to keep our inbox more clean and have the lists that we really use and unsubscribe the rest. Let us know in comments what you think about this feature.


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