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How to safely discard hard disks

When the time arrives to recycle your PC or Hard Disk we need to be extra careful to make sure that the data stored in the PC is completely wiped off. Just deleting the files or formatting is not enough and still there can be references to files using which the deleted data can be recoverd. There has been instances in the past that sensitive data has been retrieved from discared hard disks purchased from eBay etc.It is important to make sure that we safely discard hard disks when we decided to recyle the PC or  hard disk.

When you have decided to discard the hard disk or PC  make sure to use data wiper softwares to completely remove the data without leaving any traces of it. There are many such tools available in the market DBAN(Darik’s Boot and Nuke ) is a free and open source software which cleanly wipes the data wihtout leaveing any trace of it.The software has to be downloaded from http://www.dban.org and burnt into a CD/DVD.Then boot the machine from this CD/DVD

safely discard hard disks

There are two modes , in first mode the tool autoamtically detetcs all hard drives and other storage medias connected and wipes the data in it. This might be a risky option to choose and should be selected only when all disk’s should be wiped out.The other mode is interactive mode where you will be shown options with all available partitions detected and user can choose the partitions that need to be cleaned . The interface is a DOS based TEXT interface.

safely discard hard disks


The software has various algrothms to erase the data and once the job is done you can then peacefully and safely discard hard disks


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