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How to reset Home Screen icons in iPad or iPhone to default

When we purchase iPhone or iPad initially it comes loaded with set of applications and those application icons are laid out in the home screen layout.Over a period of time we would have installed many applications and  would have grouped various applications into  folders and there is also a possible chance that the arrangement of icons are messed up and you want to rest to factory settings and rearrange the icons in a new way. When we reset the icons, the applications that came with iPhone and iPad are placed in the home screen and the subsequent applications that have been installed are placed from next screen arranged in  alphabetic order. This action will also remove all grouping of applications in a folder and all folder groupings will be removed.To reset Home Screen icons in iPad or iPhone to default follow the below steps. The steps below outlined are for iPad but the same steps are valid for iPhone also and the steps are from iPad running iOS7 .The previous versions have similar steps.

1. Power up the iPad and in Home Screen Click on Settings. The below screen shows the home srceen with multiple applications grouped which will be rest now

reset-home-screen-icons-in -iPad-and-iPhone

2.   From Settings select General on left  hand side and on Right hand side scroll down to the bottom  and select Reset.

reset-home-screen-icons-in -iPad-and-iPhone-1

3. In the Rest screen click Reset Home screen Layout

reset-home-screen-icons-in -iPad-and-iPhone-2

4.  In the next Reset Home Screen popup Click Reset and you are all set.

reset-home-screen-icons-in -iPad-and-iPhone-3

Now go to your home screen and you can see all the stock applications that got loaded during your purchase will be present in the home screen and all other applications installed will be moved to next screen and arranged in alphabetical order.

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