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How to make PC faster using pc optimizer tools

When you notice degradation in your computer’s performance, identifying the root cause and to fix it can be a daunting task. In this  How to make pc faster guide I am going to walk you through some simple steps which will help you to identify the areas where your PC is not doing well and you will also be able to fix those issues in few clicks.There can be so many reasons that your computer’s health is not well. There can be  issues like your PC takes long time to startup , your registry can be corrupted, lot of missing links to software due to direct delete of software instead of uninstalling them properly . There can be issues related to missing DLL’s or DLL’s not registering properly.Since there are multiple parameters involved it is not an easy job to identify the root cause and nail it down .


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How to make pc faster?

Everyone wants their PC to fast loader. If you answer Yes to questions like my laptop is very slow,my system is very slow, my system takes more time to load then you can be assured that there are serious issues in your system/laptop. You need to act immediately now to recover the health of your system. I have analyzed various Windows tools to identify the issues in PC running Windows operating system and to fix them.  Many of the tools does a decent job , but not a complete job. These tools either fixes registry or fixes DLL’s but not everything. I was more looking for one stop place to fix all issues related to desktop/laptop.When I started using SmartPCFixer I was convinced that I had found the right tool to do a frequent health check of my PC and fix the issues which were degrading the performance of PC.In this How to make pc faster guide I am going to review this software and walk you through the steps to identify the issues and clean them.The tool is available for various Windows platform and does a scan of the system and fixes the errors reported , improves your system startup time,fixes all your registry errors and optimizes system settings to improve the startup time. Using the free version we will be able to identify the issues with PC but to to fix and unlock the full features of the software we need to purchase a paid version.

Quick Scan

Quick scan does a checkup at few key important items which mostly are the reasons for your performance degradation. When you open the tool for the first time the tool does a quick Scan and reports the overall health of the System. Open the tool  and click Quick scan and it will report how many registry errors it has found , evidence files(internet history files or traces of your search etc) it has found, how many junk files it has found and if there are any file association issues the same will be reported in the Quick Scan and finally you get an overall score representing the health of your system. If you get a Low score then you need to dwell deeper into other features of the system to identify the areas where attention is required.


To clean the above errors click Scan and Clean on Right hand side . You will see options to do Registry Cleaning, Evidence Cleaning, Junk File cleaner and Short cuts Cleaner.

how-to-make-pc-faster-2 To optimize the system for better performance click on System Optimize and you will get options to optimize the menu items, desktop optimization, network optimization, improve startup speed,services optimization. You can choose the areas where you want to optimize and follow the on screen instructions.


To fix issues related to DLL or File associations click on System Fix and you will get various options to resolve various system related errors.


The software also has various system tools to manage hard disks more effectively,file management tools which will be very useful in our day to day PC maintenance activities. To access these tools click on System Tools


The software has backup feature using which you can do a regular registry backup or backup specific folders. To do backup click on Backup and choose the areas that needs to be backed up and follow on screen instructions to perform the backup.


Overall the software has all the features to keep your PC health very good and give better results. If you are experiencing slowness in your system then you need to use the features of the software. You can download the software here

how-to-make-pc-faster-7If you have downloaded the tool do give us the feedback through comments on the features you used and suggestions you have for the software. If you have not downloaded yet then do it now and give us your feedback.


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    • Hello James – Thanks for stopping by. I have not used CCleaner. I will take a look at it. Keep visiting to read my other articles

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