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How to install Chrome apps for desktop

In Windows OS we are used to installing applications at desktop level. With the invent of various mobile platforms we have seen many app stores getting launched catering to corresponding mobile Operating Systems. Google was the first to launch a web store for its Chrome web browser and Chromebook. Google’s idea was to treat Chrome browser as an operating System and install many apps which can be installed and launched within the Chrome browser or using Chrome book. Google clearly differentiates its solutions by the unique value it provides to end users and this is something new to all of us where we had used browsers in the past only to browse internet. Google has showed that the light weight browser can also be used to perform our day to day tasks within browser itself. Chrome apps for desktop can be installed from  Google Chrome web Store  can be launched only from Chrome browsers or from Chromebooks.

Google Chrome web Store

Google Chrome web store is a market place created by Google where developers can develop apps for Chrome browser or Chromebook and publish them in web store to make it available for public use. There are two types of apps available in web store paid and free apps. Developers can charge a fee to use the apps or can provide them for free. This also provides a monetization stream for developers to develop apps and publish them for a fee. Let us walk through the steps in this guide on how to install Chrome apps for desktop from Chrome web store.

Steps to to install Chrome apps for desktop

1. You need to have a Google account to install chrome apps for desktop. If you don’t have one sign up for Google account here.

2.  Visit the Chrome Web Store


3. Browse the apps in market place or search for any app and the apps matching will be listed on right hand side. If the app is free you will notice Free next to it and to install the app click on Free


4. Next you will get a confirmation popup to install the app to your browser. Click add

chrome-apps-for-desktop-25. You will notice a file being downloaded and the installation will show as Checking status.

chrome-apps-for-desktop-36. After the app has been downloaded and installed you will see the app being displayed along with other apps you have installed which can be opened within chrome browser.


7. To launch the app click on the icon of the app and the app will be launched within the browser. To access the list of apps you have installed you can type chrome://apps in the area where we type url in the browser and you will see all the apps that has been installed.

8. You can also use Chrome app launcher if you are logged into your Google account. You will notice the Chrome app launcher icon chrome-apps-for-desktop-5 in the taskbar at the bottom.Click the icon to open Chrome app launcher

chrome-apps-for-desktop-69. You can launch any app by clicking its corresponding icon.

Also watch this video on Chrome apps for desktop

What do you think about the availability of Chrome apps for desktop? Do you think installing applications from within the browser will help users to perform their work even more better? Let me know your thoughts on this.


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