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How to hide your friends list in facebook

Facebook privacy settings in itself is a ocean and we can get easily lost if you do not understand the settings properly. Many stay away from social media platform due to privacy concerns and many untoward incidents that has happened due to over sharing of information through social media.So it is very important for each of us to make sure our privacy settings are set right and the  information which we share is not being misused. Facebook by default shows the complete list of friends you have to all  your friends. To hide your friends list in facebook and to make this private to yourself or make it visible only to certain people or lists follow the below steps

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. View your profile . After you login Click your  name on top left hand side to view your profile
  3. Below the cover photo click on Friends


  1. On right hand side next to Find Friends click the Manage  icon and select Edit Privacyhow-to-hide-your-friends-list-in-facebook-1how-to-hide-your-friends-list-in-facebook-2
  2. There are three main options listed in this window. The first setting Who can see your friends list is what we are interested in which controls the friends list visibility. to make it private click on the right hand side drop down


  1. You can set the list private and visible only to you by choosing Only Me option in the drop down list


This setting will hide your friends list from all other users. If you want to open the list to specific users you can choose the custom option and add the friends who can view your list.If you want the list to visible to any specific groups of yours like Close Friends Family then you can choose the same from the drop down. There are two other settings in the same panel , If you want to hide the list and people you follow then set that option to Only me and if you want to hide the list of people following you set the Followers option to Only Me.

Do you have this setting enabled and also let us know the other important privacy settings you have enabled in facebook.


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