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How to download complete website for offline browsing

Download complete website to your local hard drive for offline browsing can be done easily with many freely available tools. This will be really helpful when we are at locations with limited connectivity or no internet connection and would still want to read content from our favorite websites. So if you are planning to travel to such locations you can plan in advance to download the websites that you will need access to without internet connection.

HTTrack is a open source tool available for Windows and Linux operating system and also can be used from Android phones. Download and install the application in your system and follow the below instructions to download any website that you are interested in.

1. Open the HTTrack application by clicking its shortcut HTTrack Website Copier located in desktop or through All Programs menudownload-complete-website-1

2. Click Next and  Enter the Project name , Category Type of the website (Can be entered as per your choice) and in save path choose the folder location to which the website files will be downloaded.



3. In the Website Addresses URL enter the website URL that you are interested to download completely to your local hard drive.



4. Click Next and in next screen use default options and click Finish



6. You will notice some action being performed which downloads the website to your local drive



7. Wait until the whole process finishes downloading the website completely to your local hard drive. Once the process is over click Browse Mirrored Sitedownload-complete-website-6


8. You should have the complete website now in your local hard drive which can be browsed offline.

Have you downloaded websites completely offline ? Let us know in comments section on the  situations when you have used offline browsing


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