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How to create restore point in windows 7

In this how to guide I will show you how to create restore point in windows 7 which will come very handy when you have system issues. If  you are using Windows operating system you need to ensure that you have proper backup’s to help yourself  if something goes wrong in PC, where you can restore your system back to its normal using the backup you have created. Windows has a feature called as restore point where in you can roll-back your system files and program installation to a specific period in the back.It is a good practice to create restore point when we plan to install software or make any major updates to the system. If something goes wrong after the installation or the update we can easily restore it to the state before the installation process was started. This restoration does not affect any folders, documents, photos, email, or other data files that you created more recently after the restore point was created, You will still have these once you have restored to a older state. The restoration only affects the system files and software installed.If you have installed any software after the restore point , after restoration to the previous state the software’s installed after the restore point will not be present. Let us now see how to create restore point in windows 7.


Steps to Create Restore point in Windows 7

Go to Start Menu of Windows and right click on Computer and Select properties. In the properties screen click on System properties.



The System restore will work on drives that have System protection enabled. In the System properties window at the bottom you will notice a button named Create Restore. Click on that to start the System restore process. If you are unable to create restore point in windows 7 then the drive you are planning to create a restore point is not System protected which can be changed by selecting the drive and clicking configure button.


You will be prompted with a window to enter a restore point name. Enter the name and click Create. this will start the process to create a restore point.


The progress of the process is shown and after successful completion the process displays the message stating restore point was created successfully. The process will not take much time.



If you are doing this frequently then you need not panic, as  when something goes wrong in your system or if you feel if your system is performing very slowly you can roll-back your system to restore points you have created. The steps to create restore points in Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7. In your home search screen type restore point and click Create restore point and in the search results Select Create Restore point and enter a name and click Create restore.

Over to You

Do you have the habit of taking restore points regularly? If not use the above steps and do them regularly going forward. Let me know in comment’s section if these restore points were really helpful to you in situations where you really wanted to roll-back. Looking forward to interact with you in comments.


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  1. hey,
    Thanks to share this trick, I don’t know that how to create restore point in win7 but after reading your artcile i will create easily.
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  2. Be it Windows XP or 7 or now 8, this feature has always saved my life… Thank you, loved the blog and keep writing.

  3. Informative post. Creating a restore point is really essential so we can easily get back our settings and also data. I guess I’ll check this out.

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  4. Hi Jayashree.
    Although Windows creates a restore point automatically whenever a new software application is installed on one’s machine.

    But, making a restore point manually is a little bit less aware task for normal computer user. You have explored the way to make a restore point in really simple way with just a couple of simple steps.

    By the way, I am facing an issue with my dell laptop, I hope you might help me in this regard. Here is my issue-
    -> When I starts my laptop, there is nothing displayed on the screen instead of a low light of the screen. And it last until the I shut down the system by pressing the power button.

    -> I tried removing RAM and re-inserting it after cleaning it, but it didn’t solve the problem.

    I found your post shared on Kingged.com.
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    • Hello Sandeep,

      Thanks for stopping my blog to give your feedback. Regarding your issue since you said you are not able to get display? I suspect something to be done with display panel? How old is your laptop?

  5. System issues could be devastating especially when no backup was done! It becomes necessary for Windows users to be proactive when it comes to backup!

    This piece is helpful. At least, many are reminded of the need to do periodic backup using the create restore point option.

    More so, the tutorial is simplified!

    I have left this comment in kingged.com – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  6. Hi Jayashree,

    Thanks for this wonderful article, it will be helpful in future. I never knew about RESTORE POINT until now. You make the tutorial article simple and understandable. (THUMB UP for that).

    Performing system backup is very very important, you can’t predict a disaster period, your system can got damaged or affected by virus any time. so it is very important to take backup or make a restore available.

    I fully understand the steps illustrated here and i will repeat that on my PC at home.

    Thanks for share, you are geek 🙂

    Have a nice day

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on kingged.com
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