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How to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app

Do you have two computers and would want to access them remotely? Then you  need to know on how to access remote desktop using various free and paid tools available. Let us briefly explain to you what remote desktop means. Remote desktop is a feature which allows you to access another computer remotely without your physical presence being next to computer. There are many free tools and paid tools available to access remote desktop. Windows has Remote desktop Connection but you have to be enable this feature as it is not enabled by default and also add list of users  who can access  so that they can login to computer from remotely. The tool is good enough to perform basic functions but if you want to do advanced operations in remote desktop there are various other powerful tools which you can use. There are few tools like Team viewer which has advanced features and can be used for free for personal use but have to buy a license if you are using it for a commercial purpose.In this How to guide I will walk you through on how to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app

What is Chrome RDP app?

Chrome RDP is an app developed by Google which is available  in Google Chrome Web store and the app works on Chrome browser or Chromebook. The app can be used to access remote desktop securely over internet. Using this app users can establish connection with a remote computer to perform support or can do any development or fix any issues in the computer. The point to be noted is that you need to have a Chrome browser or ChromeBook to use this app. You can check the below link on how to install apps from Chrome web store.

After you have installed the app on the desktops follow the below instructions to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app

Steps  to access remote desktop using Chrome RDP app

1. Login to your Google account from Chrome web browser https://accounts.google.com.

2.  Launch the Chrome RDP app

3.  You need to first authorize to access this computer remotely using this app and this is a one time activity. Once you provide access it will be enabled until you revoke the access. Click Continue


4. You will get a notification stating the access levels and the details that Chrome RDP app will have. The app will have access to your email address, will be able to view and chat, will be able to access your remote computers and will have offline access. Click Accept.



5.  Now you will have two options. You can share your screen to others or you can setup to access this computer from anywhere. Under My Computers Cick on Get Startedhow-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-4

6.  In the next step you must enable remote connections for this computer. Click Enable Remote Connectionshow-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-4 how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-57. You need to setup a PIN/Password which will be asked when this computer will be accessed remotely from another computer. Set a strong pin and Click Ok and you will also get a popup stating the app is making changes to your computer.Click Accept

how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-68. Once you have authorized you will now be prompted to enter the PIN you had set in the previous setps. enter the pin and click Ok.


9. Now you are all set to access this computer remotely from another computer using chrome browser. You can also disable remote connections access to this computer by clicking Disable remote connections.


how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-1010. To access your above system from another system go to that system and use the same google account that you had used and install the Chrome RDP and launch the app and under My Computers Click Get Started. You will notice the other computer you have added above. Click on the computer

how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-1311. You will now be asked  to enter the PIN that you had set above. Enter the PIN and Click Connect.

how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-14You should now be able to access the remote desktop  seamlessly.

Steps to access another computer by providing Share Access temporarily

In case you don’t want to have a permanent remote desktop connection established and need to provide access only for a session or shorter period you can use Remote assistance feature. Follow the below steps to enable share access to your desktop

1. Launch the app and under Remote Connections Click Get Started


2. Now you will see two options. To Share the access for this current computer or to access other computers which are available through Chrome RDP. Click on Share. You will be notified with an Id in the display which needs to be provided to other party using which they can access this computer remotely


how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-163. Now from the other remote computer access Chrome RDP app and under Remote assistance click on Access

how-to-access-remote-desktop-using-chrome-rdp-app-124. Enter the PIN provided to you and click Connect


You should now be able to connect to the shared computer remotely. Using this how to access remote desktop guide now you can use these two options available to seamlessly connect to any remote desktop or share the desktop for remote access. If you have tried to connect to remote desktop or share your desktop using Chrome RDP app let us know your feedback or if you have faced any hurdles let us know in comments.


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