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How secure is my password – Guide to set strong passwords

When you set password for any application or any system you should first ask How secure is my password? Can your password be guessed and cracked by brute force easily? Hacking is one of most thriving areas where password hackers use various techniques to randomly predict your passwords using various permutations and combinations. We have seen in the recent past where leading social networking sites were hacked and passwords stolen. Based on research it is found that people tend to set very weak passwords, the main reason being that will be easy for them to remember. One of the common password being used is 123456 and such common passwords can be instantly guessed by automated systems. To keep your data secure behind the systems you need to ensure that you set a strong password. We will now briefly discuss about the techniques used to predict or crack passwords


Password Hackers use Brute Force technique

Brute force is one of the methodologies employed by password hackers to predict the password. What is Brute Force? Brute Force is a technique which uses computing power to generate various string combinations in a random fashion by applying various permutation and combinations to form a password and by doing million of guesses could end up with your password. With the latest advancement in hardware computing a 6 digit password just containing characters can be guessed in less than a second. It is proved that it takes more time by this technique to guess the password when the password has more number of characters. For passwords with 9 characters it can take upto 48 days to guess the password using brute force running in a normal PC. It is advised to set passwords with more number of character’s so that the password cracker process will fail .

Phishing technique to hack password

The other common technique used by password hackers is to use phishing technique. Password hackers will present you with information which will make you believe it is true and will let you to do some action to share your  email, password or credit card information.For example you will get an email from some unknown email which would look like as if the email came from Facebook and message would read  like we noted some unusual activity in your Facebook account and request to change the password. Looking at the message you will tend to click the link and share your current password.So when you are entering password or clicking links from email make sure it is from the right source and you are providing your credentials to the intended applications only. We will now see how to set a strong password which will be really tough to crack  by brute force technique.

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How to set Strong passwords?

Secure password are the one’s which cannot be easily cracked by brute force computing. To set such strong and secure password’s make sure you use combination of characters in upper case and lowercase with some special characters in it. Again specific websites or applications have specific rules to ensure that you set a strong password. Follow those rules and do not use common names or your loved one names in passwords which is very easy to guess by other password hackers. Try to set a password with a minimum of 8 characters and the more number of characters you can add the stronger will be your password. The next item you need to remember is that you do not use same password for all the applications and websites. Try to set unique passwords for every website/application. The question now comes to our mind is it is so tough to remember so many passwords. This is where password manager tools will be very handy. There are numerous free password manager tools available which can be downloaded to manage and store your passwords securely. You can download any Password safe tool which is free to store all your passwords. You can check Free password safe tool to store passwords

Use Password generator to generate Strong passwords

To set very very strong password you can use password generators which randomly generates a unique password which will contain a mix of uppercase,lowercase,special characters combination. You can also define rules on what to include and what characters,special characters to be omitted. All the password manager tools like the one above I mentioned will come with password generator function and if you use that you can confidently say that your password is one of the strongest password.Use these techniques mentioned above to set a stronger  and secure password so that you can be at peace of mind that all your data left behind various servers are safe.

After implementing these suggestions if you ask the same question that I had asked initially How secure is my password I am sure you will say that you have a very strong password set now. Let me know some of your  suggestions on what techniques you normally use to set strong passwords.


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  1. Hi Jayashree,
    Password is the only thing which is there between our data and hacker. There is no issue in choosing strong password because we can’t afford to chose weak password at least in this era of world where high security are not even safe. But it’s very difficult to remember the password which are generated by online tool. Thanks for sharing the tool for storing our password.

    Shivkumar recently posted…How to install and customize WordPress offline on localhost?My Profile

    • Hello Shivkumar – Yeah we are responsible to set strong passwords to protect our data and when we set strong passwords it makes our life difficult to remember and that is where the password safe tool will come handy. I mostly generate my passwords using the password safe tool which is mostly a strong one. Thanks for stopping by to give your valuable feedback. Keep coming and give your suggestions and valuable feedback on other posts. Thanks

  2. Hi Jayashree,

    Great Tips. Hackers get smarter day by day and we need to take some security measures from our side also. This guide is perfect for this. We need to use strong passwords with a small-cap character using spell characters and number. It is more secure than an ordinary password we set.

  3. Hi Jayashree,
    Nice tips indeed,in online world password has vital role,so we have to keep it safe,strong and protective. you list nice tips to secure and generate strong password thank you for sharing.
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  4. Hello Nikhil. Yeah the stronger the password we are improving our chances of password not being cracked by brute force, But we need to be very careful with Phishing as we tend to get faked and we might provide the strong password that we have set.Thanks for stopping by to give your valuable feedback. Keep coming and give your suggestions and valuable feedback on other posts. Thanks

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