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Hide Folders and Files in Windows

Do you have any protected data or sensitive data present in your system which you don’t want any one to access.It is simple to hide folders and files in Windows. There are many various tools available to hide folders and files. Windmend Folder Hidden is a free utility tool which can hide folders and files in Windows. The data is safely hidden and there will be no damage done to your data. The folders can be made visible when required by providing the password used to hide the folders. Follow the below steps to hide a folder and make it visible back when required.

1. After you have downloaded the tool when the application is opened up for the first time user will be prompted to set a password. This password is very important  since the application can be accessed only by providing this password. Once set the application will be loaded and displayed to user.



2. To hide a folder Click Hide Folder. The below window will appear.Navigate to the folder that needs to be hidden and select the folder and Click Ok



3. The Selected folder will now be hidden and can’t be accessed via the file explorer or file system.



4. To unhide the folder Select the folder that needs to be made visible and click Unhide. Now the folder will be visible in the file system and can be accessed via explorer.

The same procedure can be applied to hide files also. Secure your hidden folders and files using such tools so that the data that you want to keep protected is kept safe . Please let us know in comments the techniques and tools you have used to hide folders and files in Windows.


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