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Free password safe tool to store passwords

In our day to day life we have to deal with multiple accounts from banking accounts to various other website accounts and it is becoming difficult to remember the account details.Password Safe Tool is a free password safe tool which helps to store various account details and its password safely. This is a desktop tool and will work only in Windows Operating system.

The tool can be downloaded from http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/ and follow the on screen instructions for installation.The tool can be installed in portable media(USB storage) as well as Standalone PC/Laptop. For Portable installations you can choose Green Option when it prompts during the installation and for other installations can choose Regular installation option.

After Installation tool can be accessed from Program menu or Desktop Shortcut.On opening first time you will get the below screen.

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-1


We have to first create a new database to store our account details.to create one click New and you will be shown with a dialog to give a name to your database and also the file location to store your database.Choose the folder location where the file should be stored and also give a name to the file.

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-2


Clicking on Save will prompt you to set a Master password for this database and going forward this is the only password that you need to remember.

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-3


On setting the master password you will be taken to the passwords dashboard screen.
2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-4

To Create a new account entry Click Edit –> Add Entry and Enter the required details in the screen to create the entry

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-5Enter the Title for the account which will be shown in the dashboard and the user name associated with this account and its password. If there is any URL associated to this you can enter the same in the URL.Additional details can be added Notes section which will be in hidden state until you place the cursor in that field. When you create your first entry after clicking Ok you will be prompted with a dialog box asking to set the username entered for first entry to be set as deafult login name. If all your accounts have same login name you can set this

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-6


In majority of cases the account name will be different for various accounts and if so click No and also check the option Don’t ask me again so that the tool does not ask his option again.Once done the entry will be reflected in the dashboard

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-7


After creating entries to retrieve the username or password of that account you can right click on any entry and click Copy Username to clipboard or Copy Password to clipboard.The password copied will be cleared from clipboard once the password safe tool is closed.

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool-9

Account entries can also be grouped under various categories like Finance,Personal etc by creating groups by click Edit –> Add new Group and entries can be dragged to appropriate group.

The password database can be backed up in frequent intervals.Among the other free password safe tool available in the market this software has more matured features which makes it stand apart from other free tools.


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