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Free dictionary app for Windows

Wordweb is one of the best free dictionary app available for windows.This thesaurus and dictionary is a one stop software  which has huge collection of words.The software has definitions and synonyms for more than 1,50,000 root words and has 1,20,000 synonyms. The program has dictionary available for various locales which can be chosen during the installation. The software is also available for various mobile platforms and can be accessed from iOS,Android,Windows Mobile and other leading mobile platforms. Once you get used to this dictionary you will not need the bulky dictionary books that we use to have at home. The wordweb software is available in free as well as pro version. Free wordweb download is available here . After you download the installation follow the wizard and install the software. Let us now dive deep into software and explore its features.

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Wordweb Features

Wordweb stands apart from other softwares just by delivering the functions in a intuitive interface. The interface is designed so user friendly that any user with minimal computer knowledge will be able to use the software. After installation the software runs in the background. If you want to find a meaning of word when you are working in an another application you will be able invoke Wordweb from that application and find the meaning for that word. This interfacing to invoke it from any application is a unique feature.The application will work without internet connection and can also be connected to Internet to get more detailed information from Wiki pages related to the word you are looking. Let us now look the graphical interface of the software. Open the software from the tray icon on right hand side bottom or from Start menu.


Enter the word for which you are searching the meaning and click Search.The Panel below the Lookup panel displays the actual meaning of the word that you are looking in Wordweb tab and also has other tabs like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wordweb online for which you need internet connection. When you click on these tabs it connects to respective websites and pulls information related to the word you are searching for.The bottom panel has three tabs Nearest,Synonyms and Similar.

To change the locale of the dictionary click on Options and Select Preferences. You will have three set of options that can be configured.The first tab has General options.Click on Wordweb Locale tab to choose the Locale for the dictionary. If you are looking for relevant words from American dictionary then choose America and click Ok. The other brilliant feature that you will love from the software is the audio pronunciation feature that is available. You will notice a audio icon on top right hand side next to Search button. On clicking that you will hear a audio on how the word need to be pronounced.


Over to You

Whether you are good at words or whether you are beginner,  I feel that this free dictionary app is a must for everyone as there is so much to learn and this dictionary app will come very handy to look up meanings for words from your desktop or mobile.  Download this software and let us know your feedback via comments, or if you are using an alternative dictionary software let us know about it and we can check that also. Looking forward to interact with you in comments section.


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