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Find out the websites and other applications which has access to your Google Account

When we sign up for a new website or applications most of these websites has an option  to sign up using the Google account where we provide basic information access or full access to Google account. This information need to be periodically reviewed so that the applications that don’t require access can be revoked. Google also reports suspicious account activity and it could be a possible access from any of the applications that was provided access to your Google account.Follow the below steps to check the applications/websites/services that has access to your Google account.

1. Visit the URL https://www.google.com/settings and login with your Google account

2. Click on Security Tab


3. Under Account Permissions click View All


4. This page will list all the applications and websites that has access to your Google account and the level of access that you have provided will also be listed. If for any application access has to be revoked select the entry and click Revoke access. Just be aware that when you revoke access to the application any data that is stored in those applications will also be lost.


Let us know if you have reviewed your settings today and  have revoked access to any suspicious applications that might be stealing the data.



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