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Find phone number details from global Phone Directory

Truecaller is a crowd sourced global phone directory service available in all countries which harvests its phone database from individual users and through various other directory services. The service helps to find phone number details of any phone number  from their global  phone database. Their database is so rich with more than 45 million users that they have details of prepaid user information also which makes it so unique from other directory services. The service helps to do reverse look up of any phone number and then displays the name of the user, photo of the user if available, location of the user. The service can be accessed via web or can be installed as App in your android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia phones.


When the app is installed in the phones and when receiving any incoming call the app scans its global phone directory and attaches the name, photo and location details(Country level) even if the contact is not present in your local contact list. This will help you to identify Spam calls and avoid calls that are marked as Spam. They also assign a Spam score based on the information harvested from their database. This will help users to skip or make informed decisions to skip telemarketing calls and block them.

Apart from reverse look up users can also find numbers by typing names and it uses user’s social links to fetch the closest possible link and displays the probable matching list from its database.When a user signs up or uses the service they can agree to share their phone book information and is not mandatory and is only optional. If individuals are concerned about their privacy and if they find their numbers in the directory and would want them to be removed they can be unlisted by submitting this form.

Watch the below videos posted by Truecaller about their service offerings and how their service benefits individuals.

This is a great service to find phone number details and filter the spam calls that we get on daily basis. Have you used Truecaller and let us know in comments section on your feedback about Truecaller


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