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How to find IMEI number in Android,iPhone and iPad devices

IMEI – International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or shortly called as IMEI number is a unique number provided to every mobile device which is used by GSM network to validate the phone. This tracking number becomes handy when the phone is stolen and on informing the same to network provider they  can trace the phone and make it unusable. When a mobile phone theft happens the primary information required by cyber crime cell would be IMEI number and hence it is important for us to make a note of it and store it at some place. The IMEI number will be present in the phone package details on the hard box and also will be available on the backside of the phone. IMEI number can also be displayed in the phone display panel by typing in few numbers. The below steps detail how to get your IMEI number in Android,iPhone and iPad devices

Android Devices

In your  Android phone enter  *#06# on the dial pad and the IMEI number will be displayed immediately. Make a note of it so that you can use it when you need to recover or trace your phone in case of any theft.



iPad and iPhone 

In iPhone and iPad to view the IMEI number click on Settings then Select General and Click About and scroll down to bottom where the IMEI number is displayed.Below screenshots are shown for iPad the same steps are valid for iPhone.




Make sure you have this information noted and update it for your records so that when required the IMEI information can be used. Let us know in comments if you have used IMEI number to track your phones.


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