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Find Country Calling codes to make International Calls

When we  make an international call to any country we first dial the   country(from where the calls originates) exit code  followed by  the destination country international code and then we dial the end user’s phone number. For example to make calls to USA from India we dial 00-1-123-456-7890 the first two digit’s being the exit code for India and 1 being the International code for USA followed by the number.We mostly remember  the   International codes for countries which we frequently call. When we need to make calls to some new countries we have to refer telephone directories to find their international code or if we are travelling to a new country and need to make calls to another new country then we will have to find the exit code as well as the international code. Country Calling Codes is a widely used website for this purpose. Their database is so exhaustive that you can find the codes and procedure to call any country from a given country.

To find the procedure to make a international call between two countries visit country calling codes website and then choose the Country from where you are making calls in the first drop down and in the next drop down choose the country to which calls need to be made and click Submit.


After clicking submit in a while the exit code of the calling from country and the international code of the calling to country is displayed.


The website also has some other useful features like reverse look up of country names from the international code.This feature can come handy if you get some international calls from some unknown number and want to find from which country the call was made this feature will come handy. Some countries has different international codes for calling mobile phones. Mobile country codes feature can be used to lookup the international codes for making calls to mobile numbers.

If you are looking to find the country calling codes use this service or can lookup directly from here

Bookmark this site and also let us know in comments if there are similar services which are equally good.


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