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Enable YouTube Parental controls in android for Safe Search

Our kids today spend most of their time in digital world.Around  9% of the online population is in the age group between 2 to 11 and the reports state that our spend kids most of their time watching videos online. YouTube is widely used by kids for watching videos of various rhymes , their favourite cartoon characters etc and as a parent it is your responsibility to enable Youtube Parental controls to ensure safe content is delivered to your kids . Kids are exposed to YouTube at very young age and it is used as one of the medium for parents to teach their kids on various subjects. Over the time kids get addicted as they grow and are hooked up with the videos and spend majority of their time watching videos in YouTube . If you have a small kid and if he is spending more time in YouTube you will be worried on how to keep unsafe content away from your kid. If your kid is using Youtube on Android device then there are certain Youtube Parental controls which needs to enabled to ensure your kid does safe search of videos and browses videos that is intended for his age group.


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By enabling Youtube Parental controls in android device you can block unwanted videos that is not safe for your kids and ensure only kids friendly content is delivered . This safety search feature will give you peace of mind when your kids are spending time on browsing videos online using YouTube. It is also a good idea to check frequently using history to find the videos that your kids had browsed and if you noticed unwanted content being accessed you can block them by enabling this safety filter.These content filters ensures that your kids are browsing only safe content. Let us now see on how to enable YouTube Parental controls in android  device

Enable YouTube Parental controls in android

1. Open YouTube app in your android device and click on menu icon located at bottom of your android device. The icon next to home button and Select Settings



2.  In setting menu Select Search



3.  In Search options ensure that Never remember history is unchecked. This option will ensure that you can check the history of videos that your kids had browsed and if you notice any unsafe content in stream you can take appropriate action.Next Click on SeafeSearch filtering

youtube-parental-controls-24. In SafeSearch filtering Select Strict Option which blocks videos containing restricted content from showing in search results when your kids search for videos.


You can now be at peace of mind as YouTube Parental controls will ensure that your kids will not land in any unsafe content.Have you enabled this setting in your android device and do let me know your views as comments on how we can ensure kids safety online.

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