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How to enable two factor Authentication in your Google account

Two factor authentication is a security process introduced to enable higher security for various online accounts and networks.In first level authentication users are required to provide information like username/password which is first validated and in second level of authentication users need to enter a PIN or a code that will be messaged to you via SMS or through a telephone call or dynamically generated through an app. After both the levels are validated users are provided access to their online account.

The two step authentication process has bought down online frauds, phishing activities,online identity thefts as just by knowing a user’s login name and password is not sufficient to gain access to their accounts. Google was one of the first companies to implement Two factor authentication for accessing Google account and their applications associated with that account.

To enable this in your Google account you need to have a mobile phone to which you will have access all the time which will be configured in the account to receive the code  or if you have Android OS installed in your phone the code can be generated using Google Authenticator App.First level of authentication is done using your Google Account login name and password and the second level authentication is done by providing the code you recieved in your mobile phone through SMS or generated via Google Authenticator app.

Follow the below instructions to enable two factor Authentication in your Google account

1. Visit https://accounts.google.com and login with your Google Account

2.  Click on Security Tab



3. The 2 Step Verification is disabled by default.Click Setup


4. Click Start Setup button to enable the  2 Step Verification


5.  Provide the mobile phone number to which Google will send you codes while logging to this account and you can either choose to receive the code via SMS or by a Phone call. After choosing the preferred option click Send.


6.  In the next Step Verify the phone number by providing the code that you would have received in the phone number entered in the previous step and click Verify


7.  You can also added trusted computers and when logging to the account from trusted computer you will not require the code to do the 2nd level verification and you will be able to login just by providing the first level authentication information. This option will be very helpful when you have lots your phone and still want to login to your account without providing the code. If you want the current computer from where you are enabling two factor authentication check Trust this Computer and click Next.


8.  Two factor Verification is enabled for your account.


You can also choose to get codes via the Google Authenticator mobile app which is available for Android,iOS and Blackberry Phones. You can also add backup phone numbers and it is strongly recommended to add atleast one backup number so that when you don’t have access to primary number alternate number can be used.

Have you enabled Two factor Verification for your Google account if not enable it now and let us know how easy it was to setup the 2 factor verification for your account.Also check what other apps have access to your Google account.


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