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How to use Do Not Track feature in Google Chrome

Do Not Track is a technology proposal launched to help users to opt out from tracking done by websites. Initially this feature was launched by Mozilla browser and later followed by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other leading browsers. If this feature is enabled then  as part of request header the information is sent to websites stating that the user is not willing to be tracked. As of today many websites still have not used this header to  respect users online privacy and the hope of the proposal is over the time the issues will be ironed out and this will be accepted as standard by all websites.

Follow the below steps outlined to use this feature if you are a Google Chrome user.

1. Open Google Chrome Browser and Click on Customize and Control Google Chrome icon  do-not-track-google-chrome-1 located on top right hand  and Click Settings



2.  Click on Show Advanced Settings located in the bottom of Settings page


3. In Advance Settings Scroll down and Under Privacy section locate  Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic option and select it.


4. On Selecting  Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic option a popup will be displayed, Select  Ok



Just make a note that enabling this feature does not mean that you are not being tracked by websites. It is just those websites that respect this feature will ignore your visit and will not track any data.


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