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How to display file extensions in Windows 7

By default when we  view the files in Windows explorer using Windows 7 operating system the extensions are not shown and in case if  we need to find extension type of the file whether it is a png or JPEG it is not possible just by viewing the file in explorer or if we need to change file extension then first we need to make the extensions displayed along with the file name.This is how the files are displayed when extensions are not displayed and it makes hard to know what the file type is


To view the File extension we need to launch the Folder options and enable the capabilities to display file extensions for all known types. Follow the below listed steps to view the extension along with the file name.

  1. Click on start and in Search Program and files text box Type Folder Options and click on Folder Options listed in top. Folder Options can also be accessed from Control Panel



  1. In the folder Options panel Click on View tab and then locate the option Hide file extension for known file types. This will be checked by default and has to be unchecked, After unchecking click Apply and then click Ok.


  1. Now go the windows explorer and check the files they will be displayed along with file extension which will help us to identify the file type just by viewing




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