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Creating facebook ads targeting external facebook campaign landing pages

If you are doing an online business or selling any products online then you have to consider Facebook marketing in your strategy to promote your products. When you create a advertisement  using Facebook you can direct the users to your Facebook fan page or to an external Facebook campaign landing page. If you want to increase your fans for your Fan page you can create an advertisement for Page likes. You can also create Landing pages for your Facebook campaign to create leads for your products. The effectiveness in conversion depends upon how effective your landing page is. The landing page is the most crucial element in your marketing and this is the first page that the users will see after they click your ad in Facebook. The Landing page should be designed in such a way that it is eye catchy and the USP of your product is clearly shown so that the traffic you receive through Facebook ads can be effectively converted to make a sale for your product. Let us now see how to create a Facebook advertisement.


Linking Facebook campaign landing pages for effective Conversion

In every Facebook marketing plan there will be multiple marketing ideas. The goal of each plan is to maximize the conversion and increase the sale for the product that you are targeting. Let us now see in Facebook how to create a ad to link your Facebook campaign landing page. Before starting to create an ad ensure your campaign landing page is ready and make a note of the URL of the landing page. Login to your Facebook account and on top right hand side click on the down Arrow and click Advertising.


Click on Create A and in the next page click on Clicks to Website



In the next page enter the Facebook campaign landing page URL and after entering the URL user will be taken to settings page of advertisements where you can add images for your advertisement and set demographic settings to target your advertisement


facebook-campaign-landing-3Upload the required images in this page which will be shown to the user while the advertisement is being shown in the news feed in Facebook. Ensure you are adding eye catching images which will pull the users to click on your advertisement. If you have your Facebook fan page then link it so that in news feed it will be shown has the ad is coming from your fan page.

facebook-campaign-landing-4The most important setting that you need to focus is to set your target audience to which the advertisement will be shown. You can choose the Location, age group, Gender, Languages,Interest areas etc and based on your selection potential users to which the ad will be shown will be displayed.

facebook-campaign-landing-6After you have set the demographics next set your campaign a name and  daily budget for the advertisement.Since we are targeting Facebook campaign landing page we will be bidding for Clicks. Once you have set all the details you can place your order and after the ad is approved the advertisement will go live.

Over To You

Have you used Facebook campaign landing pages if so share your feedback on how effective your campaign was and also some tips to our readers to increase the conversion rate. If you have not yet used and if you are selling online using the above instructions create a advertisement and let us know if it helped to increase your sales. Looking forward to interact with you.


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    I haven’t tried landing pages campaign yet. Seems this tips are very useful.
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