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Create QR codes for free

QR code called as Quick responsive code is a two dimensional barcode which is currently embraced and used in various industries. They can pack whole lot of data in it and can be read by just a simple scan. The availability of QR Scanning apps in various mobile platforms has made the QR code widely accepted by various industries.Initially used in automotive industry and later quickly spread to other domains and is widely being used in marketing campaigns,promoting products,magazines,hotels,apps.There are various websites avaiable to create QR codes for free

GOQR.me website allows to create QR codes for free . Using this QR codes can be used for general text or for a website URL or to store a vCard,or a phone number etc.QR code can be added to your business cards and will be easy for users to just scan the QR code and store thir contact details to phone by just a scan. I will just show how to create a QR code to create a vCard.Goto GOQR.me website and click on vCard tab and enter the required details that you want to store in the QR code. As you enter the details in the form you can notice the QR code being modified with various black dot pattern.


 Once the QR code is created you can adjust the size of the QR Code image by dragging the size slider and then you can download it as PNG format amd cam get it printed along with your business card. Have you used QR codes? if so share in comments on how you have used the QR codes.


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