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Create photo slideshow video using Youtube

In Windows we normally use Windows movie maker or a third party tool to create a video containing photo slideshow. We can also create such videos easily using Youtube. To create photo slideshow in Youtube you need to sign in to Youtube using your google account and then click Upload



You will see a Photo Slideshow option with Create button beneath it. Click Create



Give your Album a name and Click Upload Photos on left hand side. Drag and Drop the photos from your PC/Laptop.After  the upload is over you will see the list of photos uploaded in grid. Click Next



Click Advanced Editor to add duration for each slide,transition effects and other captions between slides if required.





Timeline of images will be displayed in the advanced editor and if you want a specific image to be displayed for specific durtaion interval you can drag the image to the number of seconds that is required in the timeline and in between images you will notice that transition effects are placed and if you want to change the transition click on Transition icon and drag and drop the transition between the images.

youtube-photo-slideshow-5Captions can be added on the slide or as a seperate slide and also images can be enhanced by adding various filters.Select any image and you can choose the enhancement that needs to be applied to the image. After completing all settings Click Publish



The Photo slideshow will be ready in few seconds and the video will be live.



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