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How to convert VHS to DVD or other video formats

VHS has almost become obsolete or we can say it is almost dead now. We are completely into digital videos these days. But if you have tons of your older video collections in VHS and if it contains your precious memories or films stored in those VHS tapes then you can go ahead and convert VHS to DVD format and store them in your personal computers. To convert VHS to DVD you need to have  , a VHS player which has Video out and Audio Out, Analog Video Capture cable which will connect your VHS Player with your computer via USB cable and a Analog to DVD conversion Software. There are variety of softwares available to do this conversion. The whole setup will cost you around INR 6000 (USD 100) approximately to purchase all the three.


Hardware and Software Required for Conversion

The following hardware and Software is required to do the conversion and you can go with any brand that you are interested and the brands shown here are just for reference.


VHS Player


Analog Video to USB Cable


Analog Video to Digital Conversion Software

Steps to convert VHS to DVD

After you have purchased the required software and hardware connect your VHS player to your computer using the analog video capture cable. The analog video and audio cables need to be inserted into back of your VHS player to Video out and Audio out slots . The USB side of the cable should be connected to the computer. Once you have got the VHS connected to computer open the software you have installed to convert VHS to DVD and follow the software manual to do the required configuration. You should now be ready to start the VHS tape to play and click the record button in the software which will start the conversion of analog tapes to digital format.

The conversion process might take considerable amount of time depending upon your computer configuration. You will also need good amount of storage space to store the digital videos. I have mentioned a generic process which will work in most of the scenarios and there might be small deviation in the steps depending upon the software you use.

Over to You

Do you have your precious old memories stored in VHS tape? Did you convert VHS to DVD and archive them into Digital format? If so leave us the feedback on the hardware and software you used which will help our other readers. If you have faced any hurdles during the conversion you can mention them in comments. Looking forward to hear from you.


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