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Check speed of Internet connection

After getting your new internet connection we need to verify  if we are getting the upload and download speeds as promised. There are many online tools and websites which can  be used to check speed of internet connection. When you start such a test make sure you close all other applications so that they donot add additional stress while the test is going on.  I will details the steps using speedtest.net which is the most widely and globally recognized tool to check speed of Internet connection

Open any web browser and type http://www.speedtest.net/ . Once the website is opened you will see the following window in the browser. Click Begin Test.

check-speed of internet-connection

Based on where you are located the tool willl locatethe best server using which the download and upload test will be performed.

check-speed of internet-connection-1

The tool first checks the download speed and then checks the upload speed.Speedometer dial guage will show the current testing speed

check-speed of internet-connection-2

Once both the tests are completed the Download and Upload speed are reported

check-speed of internet-connection-3


This tool is widely used by many Internet Service providers to cross check their speed at their customer locations  and widely accepeted as standard tool in this space. If you have any issues on your speed you can verify the speed using this tool. If you are aware of any other quality tool please leave  the details in the comments section.


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