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How to check your PF balance Online

Indian government has launched many eGovernance applications in the recent past to facilitate information sharing more effectively to end users. Earlier to find balance from Pension fund account users need to walk into PF office and submit a form and wait for days to know the balance in their account or have to wait for their annual statement from their employers to know the PF balance. To cut down on this wait time and to check your PF balance Online  Employers Provident Fund Organization has launched a online system where users can provide their PF account details and their mobile number and if the information provided matches with their system the details will be messaged to be the mobile number provided. Follow the simple steps to get your PF balance just in few minutes. Have the pay slip handy which will have a mention of your PF account number.

The PF account number will be in the format of TN/MAS/12345/000/012. The first two digits represent the state code and the next three digits represent the PF office code within the state. The next set of digits up to 7 characters represent your Establishment(Organization code) registered with the PF Office. The next set of three digits represent Extension.The last set of digits up to 7 characters represent your individual account within your organization. If you have this information handy proceed next to find your balance.

  1.  Click here to check your PF balance Online
  2. Select the State in which your PF account is present


  1. Once the state is selected the screen will be refreshed with list of PF offices for the state which has the data available online.Select the PF office where your account is present


  1. On Selecting the PF account office  the below form will be displayed


    1. In box 1 Enter your Establishment Code (Up-to 7 digits)
    2. In box 2 Enter your extension code and if there is no extension code enter 000(3 Zero’s)
    3. In box 3 Enter your account number(Up-to 7 digits)
    4. In box 4 Enter the name as present in the pay slip
    5. In box 5 Enter the mobile number. The SMS with PF balance will be sent to this number.
  1. After providing all these details Click on Agree and Click Submit and you will recieve an information message stating that the PF balance for the account provided has been sent Via SMS.


  1. If the information provided in the input screen is valid then within few minutes an SMS is sent to the user with the PF balance information. The message will contain about the balance information up to a given date as they have backlog and have not updated the very recent balances

Currently the data has is available online for 120 branch offices. Have you used this system to find your PF balance online if not try now and let us know if you were able to get the balance details via SMS Also let us know the other eGovernance systems you have used.

Featured Image Source :  Employers Provident Fund Organization


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