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How to change DNS Servers in iPhone or iPad

DNS – Domain name system is a service which translates the URL entered in a web browser to its actual IP address of the internet server where the website is deployed. DNS Servers perform the role of phone book by identifying the right IP address for the URL entered and pushes the requests to the destination server. When a internet connection is obtained from  ISP(Internet Service Provider) their routers will be configured to work with  their own DNS Server’s.  DNS Server’s can be one of the reason for slow internet connection since there is a chance that DNS Servers of ISP are overloaded. It is a good idea to use some of the public DNS Services like Open DNS or Google Public DNS for a better performance and better security while we are connected to internet. Google Public DNS Servers has the IP’s and To change DNS servers in iPhone or iPad  when you are connected using WiFi follow the below steps. The steps shown are for iPad and the same steps can be followed for iPhone also.

1. Click Settings

2.  Click on Wi-Fi


3. Tap on the active Wi-Fi connection to which the device is currently connected( a tick mark will be displayed next to the connection). The screen will display the current DNS server being used


4. Tap on the DNS entries and press backspace to remove existing DNS entries and enter the Google Public DNS Servers seperated by commas as follows, and then exit the Settings


All the requests now lands to Google Public DNS Servers which then translates your requests to destination IP that you have requested. By choosing Google Public DNS we  get a better performance of internet and also protects us from various DNS security threats. Do this change and let us know your feedback if you notice any significant changes in your browsing experience.


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