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Find Country Calling codes to make International Calls

When we  make an international call to any country we first dial the   country(from where the calls originates) exit code  followed by  the destination country international code and then we dial the end user’s phone number. For example to make calls to USA from India we dial 00-1-123-456-7890 the first two digit’s being the exit code for India and …

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Track trains running status live using national train enquiry system

We would never want to be in station and hear about the news of late  departure of your train’s or if you are at the station to pick up some of your relatives and hear about the delay of arrival.To avoid such issues for passengers and others CRIS – Center for Railways Information Systems – The IT Wing of Indian …

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Find phone number details from global Phone Directory

Truecaller is a crowd sourced global phone directory service available in all countries which harvests its phone database from individual users and through various other directory services. The service helps to find phone number details of any phone number  from their global  phone database. Their database is so rich with more than 45 million users that they have details of …

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Split expenses with friends

Are you planning a group trip with your friends where the expenses will be shared between friends and each inidvidual want to keep a track of what they are spending so that finally they can  split expenses with friends and accounts can be settled correctly. Mostly we deal with Excel sheets or scribble in paper to track the expenses and …

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