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Track trains running status live using national train enquiry system


We would never want to be in station and hear about the news of late  departure of your train’s or if you are at the station to pick up some of your relatives and hear about the delay of arrival.To avoid such issues for passengers and others CRIS – Center for Railways Information Systems – The IT Wing of Indian …

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Convert PDF to word using free tools


To convert PDF to word document there are many online tools  and  downloadable dekstop tools available. Users will mostly prefer to download a software and use it locally so that uploading certain confidential documents to web for conversion can be avoided.For non confidential documents online tools can be used. There are many software’s available which convert PDF to word document. …

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Create QR codes for free


QR code called as Quick responsive code is a two dimensional barcode which is currently embraced and used in various industries. They can pack whole lot of data in it and can be read by just a simple scan. The availability of QR Scanning apps in various mobile platforms has made the QR code widely accepted by various industries.Initially used …

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RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tools


If you want to RIP DVD or Bluray Discs to MP4 or to any other format and store it in a hard disk there are many third party paid tools available.Handbrake is a free and open source RIP DVD to Mp4 and Video Conversion tool which has very powerful functions to extract the video from DVD or Bluray Discand convert to …

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How to safely discard hard disks


When the time arrives to recycle your PC or Hard Disk we need to be extra careful to make sure that the data stored in the PC is completely wiped off. Just deleting the files or formatting is not enough and still there can be references to files using which the deleted data can be recoverd. There has been instances …

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Capture screenshot in Windows

2014-01-14 20_35_08-capture-screen-shot-windows-3

Most of us at one point or other will have a requirement to capture screenshot from the active window or other windows that are opened in windows desktop system.There are many freewares available to capture screenshot  and Windows Operation system also has a native screen capture tool. Greesnhot is a free and open source screen capture tool and can be …

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Free password safe tool to store passwords

2014-01-13 19_44_03-free-password-Safe-tool

In our day to day life we have to deal with multiple accounts from banking accounts to various other website accounts and it is becoming difficult to remember the account details.Password Safe Tool is a free password safe tool which helps to store various account details and its password safely. This is a desktop tool and will work only in …

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