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How to convert VHS to DVD or other video formats


VHS has almost become obsolete or we can say it is almost dead now. We are completely into digital videos these days. But if you have tons of your older video collections in VHS and if it contains your precious memories or films stored in those VHS tapes then you can go ahead and convert VHS to DVD format and store them in your …

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Free dictionary app for Windows


Wordweb is one of the best free dictionary app available for windows.This thesaurus and dictionary is a one stop software  which has huge collection of words.The software has definitions and synonyms for more than 1,50,000 root words and has 1,20,000 synonyms. The program has dictionary available for various locales which can be chosen during the installation. The software is also available …

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How to download all YouTube videos in a playlist or a channel


YouTube is one of the most widely used website by majority of the internet users. Different age groups visit YouTube for various purposes ranging  from learning tutorials to listening music, watching movies etc. These frequently watched videos can be downloaded to your computer so that they can be viewed as many times as you want without wasting the internet bandwidth usage.If you …

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Check your income tax refund status online


Most of us do proper calculation and submit all our investment details to our employers to ensure they deduct right amount of TDS (Tax deducted at Source).  Inspite of that at the last moment we find that we have paid more tax to the Government and we keep waiting for the government  to process our income tax refund. If you …

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How to make PC faster using pc optimizer tools


When you notice degradation in your computer’s performance, identifying the root cause and to fix it can be a daunting task. In this  How to make pc faster guide I am going to walk you through some simple steps which will help you to identify the areas where your PC is not doing well and you will also be able …

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How to merge pdf files and split pdf files


In this how to guide let us walk through the steps on how to merge pdf files and split pdf files. Most of us when we scan documents with multiple pages we would get each page as individual pdf document. If we do not merge pdf file it will be cumbersome to manage so many documents. When we need to …

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Find Country Calling codes to make International Calls


When we  make an international call to any country we first dial the   country(from where the calls originates) exit code  followed by  the destination country international code and then we dial the end user’s phone number. For example to make calls to USA from India we dial 00-1-123-456-7890 the first two digit’s being the exit code for India and …

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How to check your PF balance Online


Indian government has launched many eGovernance applications in the recent past to facilitate information sharing more effectively to end users. Earlier to find balance from Pension fund account users need to walk into PF office and submit a form and wait for days to know the balance in their account or have to wait for their annual statement from their …

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